The Wall Mounted Lift - Skyhook

The wall mounted lift is similar to the ceiling lift except the lifting motor is attached to a wall mounted jib rather than to a track. The wall mounted lift is ideal when transfers are only required in a very limited area. See example photo.

Patient raising and lowering is performed by an electric lifting motor and horizontal movements are accomplished by pushing on the patient which causes the frame of the lift to swivel on it's axis. The wall mounted lift is less expensive to install than the ceiling lift and can perform bed/chair and floor lifts within the radius of the reach of the lift. Additional wall mounted frames can be installed in other rooms with the motor being moved from frame to frame depending on where the transfer is required. Wall mounted lifts perform equally well in rooms with carpeted floors and the side to side movement of the lift is very easy so that even a frail/elderly care giver will find it easy to use. Virtually zero floor space is required so small rooms do not present a problem.

Here is a recap of the advantages and disadvantages of the wall mounted lift.

Main Advantages Main Disadvantages
Lower installation cost than ceiling lift

Easy patient lifting, lowering, and horizontal movement

Requires almost zero floor space

Can lift directly from floor

Can be operated easily by a frail/elderly caregiver

Excellent for simple bed to chair transfers in a limited area

Works very well in confined areas/very small rooms

Can perform transfers into a standard tub
Higher purchase price than mobile lifts

Requires installation

Limited range of use - only within radius/travel

Cannot perform room to room transfers

Our Wall Mounted Lift The Skyhook  
The Skyhook wall mounted patient lifter performs effortless patient transfers at the push of a button. It's unique mounting system delivers the majority of the weight directly to the floor and the integrated low-friction floor bracket. Other wall mounted lifts that are currently available are mounted only to the wall and rely on the wall for 100% of the support; this set-up limits the positioning options of the lift since many interior walls do not have the structural integrity to support a significant load. The Skyhook, on the other hand, can be installed virtually anywhere. The Skyhook employs the industry leading Pinnacle-Portable lifting motor for the raise/lower functions and incorporates all of its innovative and user-friendly features. The Skyhook is quick and easy to install; in fact most installations can be accomplished in about an hour.


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