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The mobile patient lifter is the most common type of lift in use since it has been on the market much longer than the 3 newer styles. In houses with a suitable layout, the mobile lift can be the most economical and versatile of all lifts. On the other hand, just purchasing a mobile lift because of the lower price can lead to numerous unforeseen problems.

The mobile lift as shown in the photograph has 4 casters and can be used virtually anywhere. This is especially valuable if your patient needs to be lifted from the floor as a result of a fall. In this lift the patient requires no muscle tone or cooperative input since the lift supports 100% of the patients weight. The new electric versions allow for the patient to be raised and lowered at the push of a button. The mobile lift makes transfers to and from bed/chair/floor/toilet much easier than performing a manual transfer (a manual transfer is when a patient is transferred without the assistance of a mechanical lifter.) The main disadvantage of using a mobile lift is the difficulty in maneuvering the lift once it has been loaded with the weight of the patient. For example, most mobile lifts will weigh approximately 100 lbs, add to that a patient of 200 lbs and suddenly the entire load reaches an unmanageable 300 lbs in total. Care givers that are frail and/or elderly will simply not have sufficient strength to move a 300 lb load.

Even able bodied care givers will struggle with such a load when the lift is being used on thickly carpeted floors. If, after reading all the information regarding all 4 types of lifts you feel that the mobile lift is most suitable, you can drastically improve the maneuverability issue by replacing any carpet with linoleum, hardwood or tile flooring. If replacing the carpet is not an option for you, lay down sheets of plywood or Plexiglas over the carpet in the areas where the lift will be used. Keep in mind that the base of the lift opens and closes to allow it to perform chair transfers. Look for a lift that features a foot pedal adjust mechanism rather than a hand lever. The foot pedal system allows the caregiver to take advantage of their leg strength and body weight to adjust the base rather than shoulder and arm movements that can lead to injury when the lift is loaded.

Mobile lifts will not perform with standard bath tubs or waterbeds since there is no space for the base rails of the lift to fit underneath. Prior to purchasing any mobile lift, carefully measure the distance between the floor and the underside of your patient's bed. This distance is the under bed clearance required - be sure that the base rail height of the lift you are contemplating does not to exceed this number - if it does the lift will be unusable for bed transfers! Room to room transfers are easy as long as the doorway openings are not too narrow.

Here is a recap of the advantages and disadvantages of a mobile lift.

Main Advantages Main Disadvantages
Low cost

Easy patient lifting and lowering

Versatile - can be used in multiple rooms

No installation required

Easily performs room to room transfers

Can lift directly from the floor anywhere in the home

Can lift to and from lying position

Any patient can be lifted regardless of physical/mental condition

Can be stored out of sight
Does not perform well on thickly carpeted floors

Requires storage space

Does not function as a bath lift in a standard tub

Requires under bed clearance

Will not perform well in confined spaces or very small rooms

Our mobile electric lift is the Ultralift 1500

The Ultralift 1500; An institutional quality Mobile Electric Lift

This is no ordinary electric lift either. Higher quality and easier to use than any other electric lift you'll find anywhere - and priced at only a few hundred dollars more than the value priced home care quality manual hydraulic lifts you'll find elsewhere. Compare specifications carefully. This lift features a 400 lb lifting capacity, extended boom length for much easier patient handling and more rugged construction 2-1/2" rectangular steel rather than the 2" frame found on other lifts. Our motor/actuator - the real heart of the lift - features a 3 year warranty- not just the usual one year warranty. Consider another important detail, if you ever need to sell your lift, re-sale value on the Ultralift 1500 will be at least double that of an ordinary lift.

CLICK HERE for complete Ultralift details and comparison chart!

The Ultralift 1000 is truly your best investment from all angles: FEATURES, PRICE, WARRANTY, PERFORMANCE, CONSTRUCTION, EASE-OF-USE, and RESALE VALUE.

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