Adjustable Bath - TR 1700

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The TR 1700 was specifically designed to optimize your small space without sacrificing function and efficiency. Ideal for nursing homes, hospitals and residential settings who have limited space and require a full function bath. For sitting patients, the TR 1700 is design-integrated with the TR Chair Lift; the system completes a safe and labor efficient, person orientated bath cycle. Also integrates with ceiling lifts.  Clearance below the tub allows use of many different types of patient lifts. The bath raises and lowers with a remote hand control to find the ideal working height for the attendant, reducing heavy lifting and bending, fatigue and risk of back injury. Patients are positioned over the tub and the baths is elevated around them – minimizing patient lifting and increasing their comfort and security.  After bathing, the tub can be lowered away from the patient for rinsing and toweling dry.


Integrates Most Bath Lifts

  • Ample access below tub allows for easy lift integration
  • Easy access for cleaning
  • Accomodates both stretcher and chair lifts

Electric Hi-Lo Function

  • Variable height function controlled by hand controller
  • Decrease caregiver back strain by positioning tub at proper ergonomic height

Thermoscopic Mixing Valve

  • High quality 3/4" valve is standard equipment
  • Integrated anti-scald protection
  • Includes freshwater shower wand and pop-up drain

Cost Competitive

  • One of the industry's lowest priced hi-lo tubs
  • High value functionality
  • Smooth fiberglass finish
  • Space saving design


Product Brochure: tr1700.pdf


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