A Division of T.H.E. Medical
Specification Sheet

Length 48" 46" Better lift stability
Width base 25-45" 24-41" Able to get around wider chairs
Weight 100 lbs approx 100 lbs None
Operation - electric (includes 2 batteries & charger) 24 V DC 24 V DC None
Bed clearance required 6" 6" None
Optional low bed clearance lift 4-3/8" n/a Able to get under beds with low clearance
Caster construction poly carbonate galvanized steel Maintenance free, rust proof
Maximum lifting capacity 400 lbs 350 lbs Safely lift heavy patients - more rugged construction
Maximum boom height 78" 75" Lifts higher for easier transfers to bed and chairs
Boom length 46" 39" Minimizes patient feet and leg contact with actuator and makes transfers much easier - eliminates patient injuries
Chassis construction 2-1/2" rectangular 2" square Safer, more durable, more reliable institutional quality
Width of spreader bar 24" 20" Much more comfortable for patients - eliminates the bunching of the sling and resulting pinch points
Low battery alarm audio none or visual Fool proof low battery notification - many visual LED indicators are too small and/or are positioned too low on the lift to properly see them
Actuator warranty 3 years 1 year Lower overall cost of ownership
Base adjust function foot pedal hand lever Easier and safer for care giver. Eliminates possibility of arm/shoulder injuries
Distribution Direct Dealer You save money when we eliminate the middleman mark-up
Origin North America China/Taiwan Higher quality, readily available replacement parts
Emergency stop switch standard standard None
Re-sale value excellent poor Better investment
Price see price list Lower up front purchase price